Just how to Make Money From Home by Blogging to the Bank

  • January 4, 2020

Blogging is something that lots of people do not succeed with. How come that the case? Well, frankly, blogging takes consistent effort and time and energy to do. Just similar to this very article, blogging is a thing that works over time. You can’t expect to write several blog posts and then locate a huge flood of traffic arriving at your blog. It doesn’t work that way. So, how will you generate income from your home by blogging? Keep reading because I’m going to outline the method for you. SEO

A website can be like an individual journal. You wouldn’t write boring content which makes zero sense in your journal, can you? No! You would write something that is interesting. So this is first thing you should do when blogging. Don’t write content that individuals do not wish to read. When you can set yourself besides the rest of the bloggers on the market, a steady flow of visitors will go to your blog.

OK. So so you have people arriving at your blog. How will you generate income with it? Well, there are numerous things you may do, but let’s stick with the basics. Google AdSense is something that lots of people fail to take advantage of. Like, I have many niche websites that rank high in the search engines and make consistent income online. But like anything, it took time to obtain them ranking well in the search results. But let’s say that you will be finding a very realistic 3,000 visitors monthly to your site. Now, 10% of the visitors will likely click the ads on your own site. Which means you are certain to get 300 clicks. An average of, you’ll receive $0.50 per click. That’s $150 extra per month. Not bad.

I think that you wish to earn more money than that. So, let’s take an information product for example. You receive 3,000 visitors to your blog every month, remember? Now, you’re still having your 10% click through rate. But now, you’re sending that traffic to a sales page that promotes a product linked to your niche. This may be an affiliate product, or your own. Which means you are certain to get 300 visitors that (depending on your own offer,) will convert at about 0.02%. That’s 6 sales! And if your product is $69.97, that’s $419.82 in profit. And that’s pure profit because your traffic is free.

Getting the blog to obtain three thousand visitors monthly is pretty easy. All you want to complete is write one article daily about something in your niche. Do you see the ability in this? Pretty cool, huh?

Incidentally, do you want use of a whole follow up sales funnel that generates 100’s of contributes to your company every day, and generates $3,480 in sales daily?

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