Embroidered Gift Ideas for Christmas

  • April 20, 2020

One of the ways to make your Christmas gifts more personalized is to put some fancy embroidery on it. There are actually a lot of gifts, which you can put embroideries on, caps, handkerchiefs, towels, even stuff toys like teddy bears. It can either be a full-scale embroidered dad hats design or just a couple of letters or words. It will really depend on what you can do and of course the time available to do it.

Here are some embroidered dad hats Christmas gift ideas that you can put to good use this holiday season.

1. Bags glamour

Nothing can make a simple bag stand out than intricate embroideries that add color and texture. Buy a simple cloth bag in shops and craft stores and design it yourself. This will make your gift look more expensive than it really is.

You can embroider the pockets or the edges. You can also create patterns at the center to make a really unique piece that other people will surely envy. You can even use gold and silver threads to make the piece more glamorous. Add beads if you can on the embroidery to add a three-dimensional quality to it.

2. Bath Essentials

Bathroom staples like towels and bathrobes are another great items that you can embroider. Bath essentials are especially great if you are giving it to a couple like your mom and dad or your sister and her husband. You can create for them a matching set, emblazoned with the same design but in different colors. You can also embroider their names or their initials on the towels or robes. If you want to be whimsy about it, you can even put their endearments to each other on the material.

3. Head Essentials

This is another great piece of material that you can easily put embroider to. Of course, check first the materials, as there are some caps that have a cardboard embedded inside for support. This will be harder to embroider. Straw hats can also be embroidered. Just use straw threads instead of ordinary threads. Straw threads can be bought in craft stores in the country.

4. Sneakers

What better way to make sneakers really unique than to put some great embroidery on them. Often, sneakers will be made of lightweight materials that can be easily embroidered. Just use a sharper and stronger needle in stitching. For a more personalized touch, you can even put your initials at the back of the sneakers.

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