Child Care – Stay Away To Care For Your Child

  • August 10, 2020

What are we to make of the child care facilities provided for our children today? The dramatic rise in delinquency and severe problems with children indicate they’re to be avoided.

The child care that we have set up for our children in the United States is nothing short of appalling. Mothers no longer see fit to stay at home to care for their children, where they may see their child develop and grow and train them up with the truth. No. We send our young babies off to “child care facilities” where we hand them over to complete strangers, who know nothing about them and do not really seem to Care 2 Stay if they do or not, because they have too many other children to care for, including their own.

How is it that we feel that money is a greater necessity for our children than constant love and attention? We send off our children each day and focus on the constant demands of a dead end job while our beautiful children await our return. We know not whether they are receiving the attention they need. The bond between child and mother is lost due to the feeling of the constant need to have more, to make a name for ourselves. Children are one of the greatest gifts that we have here on earth. Why then, are we allowing those formative first few years of life slip by us with so little mother-child interaction? The child does not know his mother’s scent; the mother does not see her child’s first steps or hear his first words. Studies have shown that this causes great stress on the child as he grows. The child does not feel close to his mother, because of the lack of bonding as an infant.

While children are sitting and waiting in child care centers, the child grows further and further from his mother. The child becomes confused, because he is constantly being cared for by different people that are unfamiliar to him. He does not feel safe, due to the lack of consistency in his life. This leads to greater risks of severe behavior emotional problems, as the child grows up.

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