How to Use Job Postings in Your Favor

  • September 2, 2020

Finding a job which matches all your criteria can be a difficult thing to do. There are people who spend years trying to find a job posting which will offer them all the possibilities they have so much longed for. Also, there are people who never find such a position and spend their entire life looking for something profitable and enjoyable to do. So, if you found one job add that sounds attractive, you should take advantage of it and make sure that you do everything that it is in your power to get that job.

In order to have more chances of getting a job, you have to use all the information you have to prove the employer that you are the right person for the job. This is where you can take advantage of the job posting. Most employers like to give a lot of details about the features the perfect person for the job should possess. So, it is advisable that you read carefully the entire job posting and see how you can turn it in your favor.

Knowing exactly how the perfect employee should look like is essential to highlight the education and the skills in which the employer will be interested. When you know what the employer wants to hear and what type of person they are looking for, it is much easier to highlight only those features in which he takes interest and avoid the thinks he will dislike or not be interested. This will help you make a good, attractive and appealing resume. Also, it will also give you the opportunity to prepare better for the interview, by making some possible questions and giving answers to them.

There are also job postings which seem to lack information. You should not be discouraged if the job posting is rather small and does not give the amount of details that you would have expected. Sometimes, employers like to make you read between the lines, so you should study the job posting very carefully and analyze the way in which words are used. You may find some interesting things, which will help you understand the employer’s thoughts and expectations better.

The job posting can be a mine of gold for those who take their time to read them carefully. So, next time you find an ad for a job which attracts you, make sure that you read it entirely and use it as guideline when choosing the things you will highlight in your resume. This may be the advantage that you have in front of the other competitors for the job, and it may eventually convince the employer that you are the most suitable person for the job.

The Internet Job Posting

  • September 2, 2020

How To Write A Successful Internet Job Posting?
The key to a successful Internet job posting is first recognizing that it is not a print classified advertisement. An Internet job posting is interactive, and requires a good understanding of interactive marketing. One of the greatest challenges contractors face when posting jobs online, is recognizing that they must change their traditional job posting habits. An online job posting will not do well if written like a print classified ad. It must be thought more like an interactive marketing campaign for the entire firm. The Marketing Department rather than the HR Department should write it.

Update the Company Web Site
The company web site is rapidly becoming the first point of contact for most job seekers or prospective clients. Contractors should update their corporate web site so that it provides a professional and interactive presentation of the firm, its goals, key personnel, corporate culture, top achievements, and business philosophy. In fact, every marketing resource available to the contractor should be utilized to make the corporate web site the best it can be. Although most job boards provide hot links to company web sites, some do not. Either way, job seekers are likely to independently surf the Internet in order to locate a contractor’s web site, relevant press releases/news, before submitting their resume.

Keywords Rule
In the fast paced world of Internet surfing, most job seekers will only take the time to view the top 20 search results. Making it to the top usually is about keywords. They often make the difference between a successful job posting and a waste of time.Contractors should put the right keywords in the right place so that the right people can find their job postings. Online job postings are not viewed the way print classified ads are viewed. Online job postings are hidden within databases containing thousands of records, and they must be called up for a job seeker to view them. This process up may take the form of keyword selection in a search engine or any number of methods with point and click directories. It’s important for contractors to study the job posting and keyword guidelines of the hosting job board since they will differ from site to site. Many job boards will rank or prioritize job postings within their database by title, membership status, date, keywords or other less obvious means. Adding keywords properly assures that a job posting will find its way to the top of the job board’s search results. Adding keywords improperly may result in having the job posting deleted by the hosting job board or simply lost in the volumes of database records that job seekers never find. While identifying the best keywords for a job posting, contractors should determine which words the job seeker will select in utilizing the job board’s search engine – and include all relevant occupational-specific terms (i.e. Hard Bid Estimator or value engineering). To cover all the bases, It is a good idea to use multiple words or synonyms that may mean the same thing. For example, if the job location is in a lesser-known town such as Maitland, Florida but near a well-known city like Orlando, Florida, then Orlando should be added as a keyword. Most job boards require keywords to be added in a special field, in a particular fashion (using quotes, comas, etc.). Job postings that do not offer a special field for keywords usually require the contractor to add keywords to the Job Description, Job Requirements or other searchable fields. When adding keywords to a Job Description, contractors should write the keywords into complete sentences so that the content flows as a logical composition.

Make It Believable
Job Postings should be believable and complete if they want to attract the top talent. Most executive job seekers are interested in job postings that contain detailed job descriptions and job requirements. Many want to see salary and information about the company. Others want to know job location. Most job boards claim that a well-written job posting can achieve many more qualified applications than a poorly written job posting. Fortunately many job boards offer FAQ’s and job posting guidelines to help contractors get the most from their job posting. Some provide statistical analysis of individual job postings. These statistics often show the number of job seeker views and applications submitted to each job posting. Contractors can use statistics to evaluate their results and modify the job posting accordingly. The more details provided in a job posting the more credible the job and the better the fit. Therefore, more job seekers will respond. Contractors should be specific about the scope and type of work, the hours, the job goals, the salary and the location. They should also make sure all fields are appropriately filled in completely. Some boards allow for job postings to be previewed prior to going live helping contractors see the completed job posting the way job seekers will see it. Many job boards allow for real time editing during the advertisements flight.

Manage Style
Unlike classified print ads, online job postings usually allow for pages of copy. allows for three thousand characters in the Job Description and three thousand characters in the Job Requirements fields – or about two typewritten pages. Contractors should write clearly and present text in an organized, logical manner. Job postings should read like a composition and not a print classified ad. Sentences can be short but they should always be complete sentences containing correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The copy should include natural paragraphs, with line breaks, so that the job seeker can find relevant information quickly and easily. Writing in all Caps, using excessive exclamation points, or adding acronyms and abbreviations will reduce the credibility of the job posting and potentially result in job deletion by the hosting job board. Acronyms and abbreviations should also be spelled out since job seekers usually search by complete words.

Read Job Posting Guidelines
Most job boards have Terms of Use agreements that members/users must agree to – in order to utilize their service. It’s important that contractors read and understand the terms that relate to job postings and keywords to get the best results. It is typical for job boards with have high quality control standards to delete or edit up to 25% of all job postings as being inappropriate. Most job boards do not allow for listing of emails, URL’s, use of copyrighted material, defamatory remarks, false, inaccurate or misleading information, illegal or unethical content. Job postings that encourage job seekers to email for more details, are usually prohibited.

Follow up
Contractors should immediately follow up on all qualified applications that have been submitted. Peter Weddles at says, “Speed is everything in hiring top talent.” Within ten days, the top 10% of job seekers are gone. Once someone desirable is identified, it’s important to act on that person right away. Today’s recruitment market is highly competitive and the hiring cycle should not allow for any dead time between in-house interviewing schedules and final selection. Contractors should not leave job seekers hanging more than five to seven days without a scheduled follow-up meeting. Otherwise, they risk losing the job seeker entirely. There needs to be top-level management involved with all key hires. Involving top management makes job seekers feel that the hire is an important position, and that they have personally been selected as the “candidate of choice” by the top brass. Contractors should begin closing the deal the moment they know that they want someone for hire. They should not let up until an offer is on the table and accepted.

Common Internet Job Posting Fields & Their Purpose

Job Titles
Titles should be industry-specific and familiar to job seekers since they will use keyword search for positions according to standard job titles. The Job Title field is not the field to market the job posting (like with a classified ad). The Job Title field should be used primarily to have the job posting found by job seekers. Adding appropriate keywords, in the appropriate place, is far more important than catchy job titles that never get seen. However, it is acceptable to add relevant, occupational-defining adjectives to the basic Job Title (such as On-site Architectural Project Manager, Conceptual Chief Estimator, Hospital Flooring Project Engineer, and Veteran Concrete Superintendent).

Is the Number of People Fighting for Each Job Making You Give Up Hope?

  • September 2, 2020

According to the government, it would seem that all you need to do in order to land a job is to get on the bus and go… stellenangebote somewhere. Of course, that is assuming that there is a bus service operating where you are and it is not on one of the many rural routes that no longer exist. Perhaps the solution to unemployment is that if everyone were to get on a bus, even if there was nowhere to go, the demand would create thousands of bus-driving jobs.

Let’s assume that you are taking a more cerebral approach towards finding a job as opposed to getting on our mythical bus. You’ve finally seen a job vacancy you can apply for, you’ve got the application form, you’ve filled it out carefully and you’ve sent it off. Assuming all of your competitors have comparable experience, qualifications and salary expectations, what is the probability of getting a job offer or even an interview?

Of course the answer depends on where you are geographically. While places like Berkshire might give you a one in six chance (i.e. there are six unemployed people for every job vacancy), that ratio increases to one in over fifty for some of the Welsh valleys. And, of course, this ratio conveniently ignores those in work looking to change to the job you are after. If you live in one of the places that has massive unemployment, it is very easy to get dispirited and give up or, even if you don’t, see the exercise of applying for jobs as little more than a futile mail shot.

Not so many years ago, the idea of body language as a science was nonsensical. Nowadays, just about all major media figures will have a body language guru who is there to advise them on facial expressions, stance, relative positions etc. For example, when the latest unemployment figures are read out, the appearance has to be ‘We’re on your side, really’ as opposed to a smug ‘Well, I’ve got a job and that’s all that matters to me’ look which we all know that they’re actually probably feeling.

We also have no problem accepting the notion of handwriting specialists who can determine gender, background, emotional stability and so forth.

Likewise, the use of language, the way we describe ourselves and answer questions is also indicative of how positive we feel. Short, staccato-style minimalist answers to questions clearly indicates someone who can’t be bothered. This may be because they actually are idle or, more likely, it may be because they have lost all belief in themselves. Either way, they won’t get the job.

No-one wants a loser and, if there are so many people applying for every job, why should an employer be anything other than picky?

How To Prepare For The Latest Government Jobs

  • September 2, 2020

Nowadays, job-seekers are making greater use of the online medium to search for the latest advertisements and notifications of job openings that are published by the public sector companies. The best part of online search is that these ads are regularly updated on the portal’s page.

There are several avenues open for getting information about a government job. Other than online search, a good number of employment newspapers and magazines are also available that provide information about the latest government job openings.

While searching for a job, you should check the necessary eligibility criteria for the selected position and whether these match with yours. When both these details match, you should apply for the vacancy without delay.

There are varied kinds of government jobs available for the best fit candidates. Applicants must stellenangebote government jobs with full dedication and undertake tough preparation to get success in the exams because many other applicants are also vying for the posts as well.

There are three parts to the government such as the central government, the state government and government at the district level. All the three kinds of governmental jobs are offered according to the needs that arise at different times to shift the increasing work responsibilities from the seniors to the new aspirants for setting the level within the organization. The duty of any government is to uphold the national security and develop the lifestyle of its people so that they could work effectively and freely for the development of the country.

Every year, recruitment programs are organized by government for hiring the fresher as well as experienced job seekers. First a written examination is taken for the issued vacancies of posts in the different government departments. Then candidates obtaining high grades in the merit lists are called for interview. The final list of candidates passing the interview is declared on the net and their joining dates are also disclosed in the notification. The applicants are required to verify their original documents at the time of joining.

Before all these, the candidates are required to apply for a specific post in the government sector by filling the application form which can be downloaded from the official website of the particular organization for which the vacancy exists. Government jobs are available for a wide range of educational qualifications such as graduate degree, diploma holders, graduate engineers, etc.

Multiple Job Offers and Stalling For Time

  • September 2, 2020

Great News! You have multiple job offers all happening at once, or you will if you work at it. Even if you only have one job offer, keep reading. To get here, you have had to send countless resumes, make calls, get grilled during many interviews, and, most annoyingly, wait horrific amounts of time waiting for call backs after interviews.

Unfortunately, despite having oferty pracy the good fight, victory is not yet yours, and the ball can still be dropped even after offers have arrived. It’s not common, but it does happen. With this in mind, I’m going to share some basic strategies for this stage of the game, based on my years of experience as a recruiter.

The most important advice I can offer is to always act with enthusiasm. It’s important to treat every company making an offer as if it is your first choice. No one wants to think they are the second person you asked to the dance. Even if you have disclosed to a company that you are entertaining multiple offers as part of negotiation, every company should think they are your first choice.

Next, there is an old adage in business, “Time kills all deals.” Failure to respond to an offer in a reasonable time frame can result in those offers disappearing. Never assume that the company isn’t moving forward with other candidates while you are hesitating. It’s best to respond to an offer within a few days, even if you are trying to stall while waiting for another offer.

It is better to accept an offer and tell the company you can’t start for a few weeks than to let the offer hang for more than two days. While it is not ideal to accept an offer and rescind it before you start, it’s better than having the first offer pulled and the second never arriving. There is a weird double standard in our current business culture. Employees, and potential employees, are supposed to show loyalty, but companies are all about contingent planning and what is best for them. The most responsible course of action for you to take as a job seeker is to do everything possible to keep as many options available until the new position has started.

Finally, remember that everyone freaks out. Whether the person is a CEO or a salesperson, when the time comes to resign from the old position and move to the new one, everyone experiences panic. It’s just human nature. Don’t worry about it. Tell yourself ahead of time that it will hit and be ready. When it happens, just remember the series of actions and decisions that moved you to this point. All those decisions were made when there was no panic. Trust those decisions.

Tips to Make Home Improvements Affordable

  • September 2, 2020

If you are like many homeowners, your house is among the most significant investments that you own. In addition to being your largest asset, it is the place where you live, entertain and more. By keeping your home well-maintained and making improvements as needed, you can easily maintain or improve its value while also enjoying increased pride of ownership. However, many home improvement projects can be costly, and you may be looking for a way to make improvements to your home more affordable. By following a few key tips, you can roofing contractors Lake of the Ozarks the benefits associated with improving your home without paying more than necessary for those improvements.

Affordable Materials and Equipment
One of the key factors that contributes to the cost of home improvements pertains to the materials and equipment needed for the project. Many homeowners commonly head down to a local home improvement store to buy the items needed for their projects. While these stores are a convenient source for materials and equipment, they may not be the most affordable source. You can consider looking for used equipment in local online classified listings. In some cities, you may find wholesale materials and supplies stores that offer a great selection of steeply discounted materials. If you must shop at local home improvement stores, be sure to look for sales, coupons and special offers that can save you money.

The Cost of Labor
The other main factor associated with home improvements is the cost of labor. Some homeowners have a real knack for completing home improvement projects. Others, however, may require several attempts at a task before completing it right, and this can result in wasted supplies and materials. If you lack the skills and experience necessary to do the job or are not comfortable with the processes involved, it is best to utilize the services of a contractor. Some specialized contractors will charge you a higher rate than other contractors who may have an equal ability to perform the tasks you need completed. A professional handyman, for example may be a jack-of-all-trades, and he may perform services at a lower rate than a contractor who offers only a specialized skill.

Making home improvements is a necessity if you want to keep your home in great condition and improve its value more significantly over time. By keeping the costs of your improvements low, you can enjoy a greater return on your home improvement project. These tips can help you to save money on your projects for years to come.

Secured Loans For Home Improvement – When You Can’t Buy A Luxury Home

  • September 2, 2020

A house is just perfect with chipped walls and broken taps. Is it? If you don’t think so, then home improvement loans is what you should be looking for. Home improvement is the resort for you, if your home is your personal hideout. Home improvement loans can aid you realize this plan. Home improvement usually takes a back seat due to lack of finances. If finances are an impediment, get secured home improvement loans. Secured loans for home improvement are a way of increasing home equity which is one of the most important added benefits. This implies not only your home will be comfortable but also its market cost is increased.

The thought process while taking loans is almost always diverted towards lower interest rates. Lower interest rates are very often the prime criteria of settling on a loan. But you must know that lower interest rates are not offered to anyone and everyone UV Resin. The most obvious reason for lower interest rate being offered to you will be the fact that you are the homeowner. Secured home improvement loans are protected on borrower’s property and are dependent on the equity of the property. The property or home acts as the security for the loan and will therefore mean you have to give lower interest rates.

APR is the one that gives you a general idea of what your secured home improvement loan will cost. Go to the local bank and building society to get a general idea of the loans rates. You can also get an idea of loan rates on Google. Type “home improvement loans comparison” and it will provide you with the best deals immediately. Your loan lender is the one who will give you a good idea about what will be the total cost of repayment. Look out for hidden costs while settling down on secured loans for home improvement.

The secured home improvement loan rate is usually fixed and would vary from lender to lender. So browsing through the net would perhaps lead you to the better loan rate than the ones you closed on. Interest rates are negotiable for they are quite dependent on individual circumstances. The actual deal on secured loans for home improvement depend upon credit history, salary, age, joint or single application, collateral, amount to be borrowed and length of payback period.

The loan amount on Secured home improvement loans [] vary according to the property type. A single family house would guarantee maximum £25,000 to £75,000 as loan amount. Don’t take more than you require on a secured home improvement loan. Don’t over improve your home for it might be difficult to recover the cost of improvement if the price tag of your house shows more than other houses in the locality. The loan term on secured loans for home improvement are very easily anywhere between 2 to 25 years.

Secured loans for home improvement can be made available at the time you are buying the house. This will work very smoothly in case your mortgage and home improvement loan do not overflow your available equity mark. Any kind of big or small improvements can be financed. Secured home improvement loans can be used for repairs, home extensions like, new conservatory, heating system, new kitchen and site improvements.

A secured loan for home improvement that is less than £25,000 can be called off within a week with no obligation under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act. You can take payment protection to protect your payment against any change of circumstance. If you do not opt for payment protection and find you can’t pay your monthly payments then discuss your situation with your lender. However, a secured home improvement loan does put your property at risk in situation of non repayment.

Home décor are oft quoted with high rates. This is usually the reason for putting off home improvement. Living in a house that needs repairs is not always a pleasant situation. You can’t be put them off and financial aid required is difficult to unearth. So, home improvement becomes a very irresolute condition. Make home improvement a win-win situation. How? – By taking secured home improvement loans. Chipped walls are falling and broken taps are leaking. They are doing this for a purpose – they want to be repaired. Repair them with secured home improvement loans.