Is the Number of People Fighting for Each Job Making You Give Up Hope?

  • September 2, 2020

According to the government, it would seem that all you need to do in order to land a job is to get on the bus and go… stellenangebote somewhere. Of course, that is assuming that there is a bus service operating where you are and it is not on one of the many rural routes that no longer exist. Perhaps the solution to unemployment is that if everyone were to get on a bus, even if there was nowhere to go, the demand would create thousands of bus-driving jobs.

Let’s assume that you are taking a more cerebral approach towards finding a job as opposed to getting on our mythical bus. You’ve finally seen a job vacancy you can apply for, you’ve got the application form, you’ve filled it out carefully and you’ve sent it off. Assuming all of your competitors have comparable experience, qualifications and salary expectations, what is the probability of getting a job offer or even an interview?

Of course the answer depends on where you are geographically. While places like Berkshire might give you a one in six chance (i.e. there are six unemployed people for every job vacancy), that ratio increases to one in over fifty for some of the Welsh valleys. And, of course, this ratio conveniently ignores those in work looking to change to the job you are after. If you live in one of the places that has massive unemployment, it is very easy to get dispirited and give up or, even if you don’t, see the exercise of applying for jobs as little more than a futile mail shot.

Not so many years ago, the idea of body language as a science was nonsensical. Nowadays, just about all major media figures will have a body language guru who is there to advise them on facial expressions, stance, relative positions etc. For example, when the latest unemployment figures are read out, the appearance has to be ‘We’re on your side, really’ as opposed to a smug ‘Well, I’ve got a job and that’s all that matters to me’ look which we all know that they’re actually probably feeling.

We also have no problem accepting the notion of handwriting specialists who can determine gender, background, emotional stability and so forth.

Likewise, the use of language, the way we describe ourselves and answer questions is also indicative of how positive we feel. Short, staccato-style minimalist answers to questions clearly indicates someone who can’t be bothered. This may be because they actually are idle or, more likely, it may be because they have lost all belief in themselves. Either way, they won’t get the job.

No-one wants a loser and, if there are so many people applying for every job, why should an employer be anything other than picky?

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