Horse Racing May Not Be So Good

  • January 2, 2021

The job of being a public handicapper is not an easy one. He or she must look at all races and give an opinion, no matter how difficult it is to come up with some good picks. When you or I are 토토사이트 a race we have the choice of which contests to play and which to pass, but that is not the case for someone whose job is to try to make sense of the racing form every day.

It is usually noted that most people whose job it is to share their selections with the public cannot maintain a positive return on investment (r.o.i) if one were to bet each one of the horses picked to win. Therefore, public handicappers are often given the opportunity to choose one horse a day as the “best bet of the day.”

Once again, however, he or she is at a disadvantage because the selection must be made hours before post time so the odds will not be known and consequently, the profitability of the bet will be unknown. To further complicate matters, placing the news of the best bet of the day in the newspaper makes it almost certain that the runner will be beat down to ridiculously low odds by post time.

It is fun and helpful to read the comments of public handicappers, but the job of finding the best bet of the day always rests squarely on the shoulders of the one who “ponies up” the money for the bet. That would be you. What makes that wager such a good wager as to call it the best of the day is not so much the likelihood of it winning the race, but the fact that if you play them day after day they will in fact show a profit for you.

Learn to fall in love with profitable wagers and not just horses that are likely to win and you will improve your own r.o.i. And finally, don’t be too hard on the public prognosticators, theirs is not an easy job.

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