Punto Banco Computer Card Game: A Game for Everyone

  • August 4, 2020

Punto Banco Computer Card Game: Introduction

There are several card games found in land based casinos as well as online ones that are starting to get popular. Recently, poker gained much popularity with the Texas Hold’em version. Other card games like Blackjack also found their way into the limelight when it was featured in a Hollywood movie, entitled 21, which is about a group of college students who discovered a much more systematic way in winning the game. บาคาร่า

People are starting to play a lot of card games again and online casinos are having a grand time taking more players than before. A lot of card games that haven’t seen much playing before are also getting more noticed these days. One of these games is Punto Banco, which is a card game very similar to Baccarat. Online casinos and land based casinos have started including this game to their roster when players began looking for a card game like Baccarat that is not as elite as the latter. Punto Banco’s similarity to Baccarat earned it the nickname “mini baccarat” and people liked playing this game because of its smaller scale version compared to the larger baccarat. It is a pleasant game to play and it is not as intimidating unlike its elite counterpart.

How to Play Punto Banco Computer Card Game

Punto Banco’s table is a lot smaller than the Baccarat and it consists of low betting limits, which makes it much more attractive to play for gamers. Just like in a Baccarat game, players in this game have to figure out which hand will come out as the strongest, the dealer’s or the player’s. Players can also bet on the tie and it is the only choice that they have since all the rest of the round depends on the banker’s and dealer’s cards. This makes it real easy for players to master the game.

For players to figure out the value of their cards, they should calculate the sum of their cards. These are the values of the cards: figures = 0, aces = 1 and the rest are valued according to their numbers. Although players get a total that is higher than 9 they have to subtract ten from that. The game that equals to 9 points is the strongest game.

The bet on the player or on the bank hand gets a win of 1:1, but if players bet on the dealer’s game there will be a 5% deduction from their winnings. The highest payoff comes from the tie bet with at least 8:1 percentage but it also has the highest house advantage.

It may seem complicated at first but players will get the hang of this game in a short time. Players can play for free online in certain online casinos if they want to practice before playing for real. Several online casinos have free Punto Banco games which players can download or play immediately.

Punto Banco computer card game [http://www.free-computer-card-games.com/punto-banco-computer-card-game] is one more card game that is quickly garnering more players. The good news is that players can now experience the thrill of playing this computer card game [http://www.free-computer-card-games.com] for free or for real at online casinos.

Salman Rushdie the Sensitive Prophet and Juma Gul

  • July 21, 2020

Between Danish cartoons and Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” that have raised the ire of Muslims worldwide and brought down calls for fatwa (Death of those who offend Muhammad), Islam looks like it has a very sensitive and easily offended prophet.

By contrast to Biblical prophets Muhammad seems to be the thinnest skinned prophet of all time. No comedy is intended but in answer to the question of “how many Muslims does it take to protect a prophet” the answer is obviously, “all of them.”

The prophets of the Bible were stoned, jailed, thrown in mud pits, and tortured. The apostles were all murdered and tortured under the most indescribable conditions. Since they were instructed to “turn the other cheek” and not to resist their murderers they actually did more to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in their death than in their lives.

Conversely the indignant responses of Islam to perceived offenses toward Muhammad do little to give him any credence or standing in the west.

To many in the west a real prophet and the God he represents should need little help from religious proselytes to protect them. In Christianity any overt or physical resistance would cast doubt upon such a prophet. Death is not the final step for Christians and at times it may be their death that furthers the gospel. Hatred for the messengers and the message is only hatred for the originator of the message. That is a futility that we don’t need to enter into. God is a great record keeper and nothing will escape his scrutiny in the final day.

It can be argued that the same illiteracy and ignorance that keeps some Muslims from believing there was a “Holocaust” is what keeps them from knowing about their own prophet’s personal history. It is well documented that Muhammad himself thought his visions may have originated from Satan. Only the urging of his wife made him stop short of canning his entire message.

If Rushdie and Danish cartoons enrage Islamists then they would be incensed to learn that hundreds of millions of bible believing Christians also think Muhammad’s message was most certainly satanically inspired. In fact they (Muslims) already are quite filled with hatred for Christians and countries that have Christian churches and leanings to the bible faith.

Because ancient Crusaders were not acting on the scriptures when they invaded Muslim nations they have no defense from the scripture to mitigate their actions. The Quran is a book that calls for violence but even that cannot cover the unbridled vitriol that Muslims now express to the west.

One thing that can’t be ignored is that Muslims have produced no great warriors since the crusades. No one in the west and in many non western cultures believes that terrorists are warriors. They are seen as trouble makers, cowards and misguided individuals and groups that most of us could well live without.

For bible believing Christians the words “Ye shall know them by their fruits” Mt. 7:16 tells us all we need to know about the source of the Quran and the Muslim hatred of almost everyone on earth who will not bend to their will. If the leveling of the Twin Towers and some 8000 other acts of terrorism doesn’t clearly show the fruit of Islam then we are all blind indeed.

The haunting chants from well mosqued villages and scenes of bowing and apparently submissive males praying three times a day does little to offset the pictures of wounded men women and children from around the globe who are clinging to life in pools of blood created by Muslim terrorist bombs. Kisah Sahabat Nabi.

Such scenes cause all humanity to die a little and is what caused former captive and British humanitarian Terry Waite to say,” The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it, slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies.” Terry Waite, London Guardian, February 20, 1992

During the last week in June 2007 one little six year old boy from Afghanistan rose to teach humanity a lesson that both knights and prophets could learn from.

With a charming and alluring smile that guile could not feign, a boy named Juma Gul turned himself over to Afghan soldiers to thwart a bombing that would have killed both himself and an unspecified number of U.S. Soldiers.

Juma was told the bomb they strapped to his body would throw out a burst of flowers to the soldiers when he pressed a button attached to the device. He sensed that he was being duped and this little boy who picked up junk metal by day to help his impoverished family turned himself in to the Afghan military to get help.

Neither the best diplomatic efforts of the west or the worst hatred of the radical Muslims could have done more to jog the conscience of humanity than this little boy. With no predisposition, religiously driven vitriol or political affiliation one smiling six year old boy stood in the gap between east and west and shamed us all.

It is now a little easier to understand why Christ said, “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3

3 Features to Look for When Buying a Car Air Purifier

  • July 19, 2020

Since the outdoor air quality is getting worse day by day, it’s important to take the right measures before you go out in your car. This is even more important if you travel by your car on a daily basis. The reason is that you will be exposed to polluted air on a regular basis. Here is another thing to consider: the air in your car is up to 7 times dirtier than the outdoor air. Let’s take a look at some features to consider when buying one.

The first question is what makes the air polluted? There are many air pollutants, such as smoke, gases, pollen, dirt, bacteria, mold and pet dander. The thing is that these pollutants can have a negative impact on your health.

So, what is the way out? An easy way out is to go for a car air purifier. You can buy one from your nearby market. It’s better to go for a unit that can meet your individual needs. Given below are a few important tips that can help you buy one.

Go for The HEPA Filter

HEPA is short for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor. This dust collection technology was introduced in Japan. The good thing about this technology is that it can trap and kill up to 99.97% pollutants found in the air. The size of these pollutants can be 0.03 micrometers. The problem with these pollutants is that they can cause serious health problems if you don’t take the right steps to remove them from your 88카.

Layered Purification

The air purifier you want to buy should have a highly efficient system of purification. For this purpose, you may want to buy one that comes with a HEPA filter, activated carbon and pre-filter. The role of the pre-filter is to remove the dust particles flying around in the air. On the other hand, the activated carbon helps reduce gaseous contaminants in your vehicle.

Since the carbon filter has powerful absorbing properties, it can help get rid of bad odor from your car. As said earlier, HEPA filter can help remove a lot of bad elements from your vehicle. And the good news is that the process can make sure at least 99.9% harmful pollutants are eliminated.

User-friendly Design

Typically, car air purifiers are designed for use in a car cabin. Therefore, make sure that you go for one that is easy to install and operate. These purifiers are quite easy to use. All you need to do is connect them to a 12V socket in your car.

Apart from the convenience factor, make sure that the product comes with enough capacity as well. It’s much better to invest in one that has Clean Air Delivery Rate of at least 25 m3/hour. This will help purify the air in your vehicle without killing a lot of time.

Your Guide To Cheap Exercise Bikes

  • July 5, 2020

When it comes to buying gym equipment for your home, you need to check out the many different kinds of cheap read top marcy recumbent exercise bike: me-709 that strike a balance between quality and price. A lot of people choose to buy a bike as opposed to a treadmill because they generally come in smaller sizes than a treadmill; hence it is more perfect for use in the home due to the limited amount of space. These bikes come in the usual types of exercise bicycles, such as recumbent exercise bikes and the like.

When you are choosing to buy cheap exercise bikes, you may be limited in the types of bikes that you choose from, simply because there are very few that are sold second-hand that are still in good condition, and there are those that are far too complicated to ever be priced as cheap. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from looking for the best exercise bike for your home at a price that you can actually afford.

As was mentioned, there are many types of exercise bikes. The two most commonly bought are the recumbent bikes and the upright bikes. Most of the cheap exercise bikes that you will find will most probably be upright bikes, as these are the ones that are more traditional and resemble a normal bike. If you are used to riding a normal bike and want an exercise bike that will give you pretty much the same experience, then buying an upright bike is a good choice for you.

For some people, switching from riding a bike normally and then exercising on a recumbent bike results in more back-aches than actual exercise. With the upright bike, you also have the option to stand up while exercising, something that you would not be able to do on a recumbent bike. A lot of people like this option because it allows for more intensity in the cycling. If you are not that much of a bike enthusiast, then buying cheap exercise bikes of the upright kind are perfect for you.

The recumbent bikes are the kinds of cheap exercise bikes that are known for being more comfortable than the upright bike. The position of the rider is reclined; hence it is much more relaxed. If you do not have good posture or if you are not in that great of shape, then using a recumbent bike may be better for your overall comfort and ease of use.

One of the things that you need to make sure that you look for in your cheap exercise bike is a heart rate monitor. While it is the norm for newer bikes to already have this built-in, there are some older models that do not. Although you can always purchase a heart rate monitor that you wear on your wrist like a watch, it would be better to buy a bike that already has it built-in because the two systems would be more in sync with each other, producing a more seamless kind of workout.

There are two kinds of heart rate monitors in bikes, and these are those that are found in the grip and those that operate wirelessly. As you can understand, those that have a wireless heart monitor will be a little bit pricier than those that have it built-in into the grip, but it is not impossible to find cheap exercise bikes that offer wireless heart rate monitors.

The display console is also one of the major influences of the price of exercise bikes. There are those that have a brilliant display with a backlight and LED, but once again choosing which one is the right one is more of a preference as opposed to a need. Nevertheless, if you can afford it and you believe that your workouts will need something more complicated sooner or later, then springing for cheap exercise bikes that also offer a brilliant screen is worth the extra money.

The type of resistance that most cheap exercise bikes offer is those that use a tension belt. The more advanced and expensive kinds of exercise bikes are those that use magnetic resistance. Tension belts have a tendency to break when the bike is overused or old or both. Magnetic resistance is much more smooth and durable, but it is almost twice the price of a bike that uses a tension belt.

Top 5 Things to Do After You Receive a Job Offer

  • July 4, 2020

f you’ve recently received a job offer, you’ve achieved the Holy Grail of the job search – congratulations! In a tough economy like this, it can be tempting to say “YES!” to a potential employer right away. But not matter how desperate your situation might be, you should always take the time to review a job offer before you accept it. Here are 5 tips you should follow:

Tip #1: Take Some Time
It is perfectly acceptable, even expected, to ask for some time to review if the offer before you give a potential employer your final decision. If, for example, you receive a job offer on a Thursday or a Friday, tell them you need the weekend to look everything over. This will give you time to review the offer (see tip #2) and make sure it is truly right for you.

Don’t make the hiring manager wait more than a few business days for your answer, however, and do give them a concrete follow up time that you’ll contact them. This sets guidelines for everyone, so that they don’t think you’re uninterested and offer the job to another candidate.

Tip #2: Review the Entire Offer
When you receive a job offer, it’s tempting to focus on one particular detail: the compensation. You need to review the entire offer, however, from the benefits to the title to the chain of command, to make sure it’s really a good fit for you and your career. For example, the salary may sound out of this world, until you realize that the benefits are less than what you expected and regular overtime is expected. oferty pracy Or maybe of the title of the position sounds great, but you’ll be reporting to five different bosses. Take the time to review the offer now, so there are no unexpected surprises when you start your new position.

Tip #3: Ask Questions
If there’s something you’re unsure about, now’s the time to ask questions. Let’s say, for example, your position is a completely new one within the company, and you’re not sure exactly what the expectations are and who you’ll be reporting to (and who might be reporting to you). Ask the hiring manager these questions now; it will make your job much easier down the road. And, if you find out the expectations are different than what you gleaned from the offer letter, now’s the time to negotiate (see tip #4).

Tip #4: Negotiate
If there is something about the offer that’s not meeting your expectations, negotiate. Come back with another number and see if your potential employer can meet it. If they can’t give you the compensation you’re looking for but you still want the job, find a way to compromise: see if you can get flex time, additional vacation time, or a better title (which can lead to increased earning potential down the road.) The important thing is to negotiate your terms now, so that you can’t start your new job feeling good about yourself and your new company.

Tip #5: Plan a Timeline and Exit Strategy
As you contemplate accepting a new job offer, you also need to think about when you want to start working. If you’re unemployed, the answer is easy: ASAP. If you’re at another company, however, you need to think about how much time you need to make the transition. Two weeks is the standard amount of notice, but if you’re working in an upper-level management position, it’s respectful to give your current company longer, even up to a month.

If you’re new employer wants you to start sooner, you make have to negotiate between the two so that you don’t burn any bridges. You can offer to help your current company find your replacement through your networks, and also to be available on nights and weekends (for a limited basis) during the transition.

Using A Car Buying Agent Or Car Broker To Buy Your Next Car

  • July 3, 2020

The world of car retailing is changing, and it means good news for car buyers. The traditional way of buying a car from a dealer’s showroom has been around forever, and it’s a game where the playing field is tilted heavily in the dealer’s favour. The dealer knows all of the numbers involved much better than the buyer, and so knows exactly where margins can be increased and reduced to maximise their profits while still appearing to provide a good deal 88카.

It’s a bit like a casino; the punters at the tables may have a few individual wins here and there, but overall the house always wins. Buying a car from a dealer is similar, in that you might get them to drop the car’s price slightly or throw in some extras, but they get it all back again on the finance package or the other extras you hadn’t realised you even needed (but were convinced by the salesman that they were absolutely essential).

The internet has gone some way to helping buyers, in that you can easily check prices from several different dealerships all over the country. But that’s still only a starting point; a dealer will often be happy to cut the price on a car if they can make it up elsewhere, and it becomes very difficult to stay on top of the negotiations when you have a new car, your part-exchange (trade-in), finance, insurance, options and accessories all making up the final numbers. The dealer is expert at juggling all these balls at once, and they know exactly how much they are making from each part of the overall deal. The customer, usually, is completely in the dark as to how much of a deal they are really getting.

More and more car buyers are now turning to a car buying agent or car broker to help them manage their car purchasing. Here the buyer gets to play on a level field with the dealer, as the car buying agent or car broker usually has the same knowledge and expertise as the dealer to be able to negotiate on every aspect of the deal to the advantage of the buyer.

The other advantage of using a car broker or car buying agent is that it saves you an enormous amount of time. Researching cars and trekking all over town to visit dealerships, getting quotes from different dealers on different models and comparing all the information is a tremendously laborious exercise. A car buying agent or car broker can take car of all the running around and allow you to concentrate on your job or enjoy your recreational time.

Smart Investing on a Small Budget

  • June 30, 2020

A common myth about investing is that a big fat bank account is required just to get started. In reality, the process of building a solid portfolio can begin with a few thousand—or even a few hundred—dollars.

This story offers specific advice, organized by the amount you may have available to begin your investments. First, however, it covers some smart moves low-rollers can make to kickstart a savings and investment program.

Strategies to Start

Whether you’re planning to invest a little or quite a lot, in safe bets or high-risk gambles, these steps should help GSBM get your plans off on the right track.

Automate Savings

The diligence to dependably set aside a certain amount in savings every month will reap rewards in the long run. If you lack the willpower or organization to do that alone, technological help is available via various smartphone and computer applications.

The apps that make saving the least painless are those that simply round up your purchases and other transactions to the nearest dollar and put aside the “savings.” Acorns, Qapital, and Chime all round up transactions from your credit and/or debit cards and return the money to you in savings-friendly vehicles.

Acorns puts the money into one of several low-cost ETF portfolios;1 these are good vehicles for small savers, as we cover below. Qapital adds the option to automatically transfer money, based on rules you choose, to an FDIC-insured partner bank account.2 Chime, which is an online bank as well as an app, offers a savings account that automatically sets aside a percentage of every paycheck you deposit, among other features.3

Short of using these apps, check with your bank about its own apps and other ways you might automatically transfer funds from non-savings accounts to those better suited to savings and investment.

Deal With Your Debts

Before you begin to save, analyze what it’s costing you to carry debts you already have, and consider how rapidly you might discharge those. After all, high-interest credit cards can carry rates of 20% or more, and some student loans have interest rates over 10%. Those rates far eclipse the average annual earnings of 7% or so that the U.S. stock market has returned over time.

Take It or Leave It? – What to Do With a Job Offer

  • June 27, 2020

“Be careful what you wish for”. How many times have you heard this expression? Or how about “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”? Or one of my favorites, “Take it or leave it”? These expressions can, and typically are, applicable in numerous situations and the hope is that we will avoid many of life’s pitfalls if we incorporate these sayings into our daily decisions. How, then, can use these warning signs or wake-up calls to guide us through our oferty pracy?

How many times during your search have you said to yourself – and anyone else who would listen – “If only I had a job offer, that would make everything better. Those people who have job offers have it easy. I wish I had the luxury of considering what to do with an offer!”

Over the past 60 days, I have received a number of calls from individuals who have “gotten what they wished for”, but somehow, “the grass isn’t greener on the other side”. In other words, they have received an offer from a legitimate business – not someone offering to pay them a 100% commission if they will peddle the latest and greatest product or service – but the offer is far from ideal. Either the pay is 25% – 50% lower than what they made in their last position; it is a long-term consulting engagement without any benefits, rather than a full-time position; or perhaps the position would require them to do the same work they did 15 years ago; or, the job is 50 miles away and the company doesn’t offer flex hours.

On the surface, this is exactly what the individual was asking for – a chance to consider an offer. It feels great to have secured an offer after working so hard over the past 7 months to find a job. Before receiving the offer, she was envisioning herself sliding back into the routine of getting up early, putting on professional clothes, heading to Starbucks for the morning dose of caffeine and driving to an office where a real desk and chair await her! She can finally get back to the work she has been missing! And most importantly, she can stop the endless chain of networking, attending events, updating LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook every 3 hours and searching endlessly for that perfect online job posting (*Note: it probably doesn’t exist).

Good Managers Lead Through a Team

  • June 19, 2020

We consider the ability to manage a team so important that, we made it one of the “3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader:”  롤대리 Manage Your Team — the first imperative — is about creating a real team and managing through it. For the record, the other two imperatives are Manage Yourself — which is about building relationships based on trust, not authority — and Manage Your Network, which is about connecting and collaborating with those you don’t control.

“Manage your team” might seem clear and straightforward. Yet when we talk about it, we often find it’s not an intuitive concept for many managers and for some it even cuts against the grain of what they think they should do as bosses.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain the problem, as we’ve come to understand it, is through the phrase we used above — manage “through the team.” By that we mean you should use the social dynamics of the team to manage individual members, rather than managing members primarily one-by-one. This is a critical distinction that many managers miss. Though they extol the benefits of teamwork, they insist on managing their teams individual-by-individual. Thus, they virtually ensure that their groups will never become true teams.

Every group is not a team. Most are not, in fact, and so it’s good to start with a definition.
A team is a group of people who do collective work and are mutually committed to a common team purpose and challenging goals related to that purpose.

When Food You Love Doesn’t Like You

  • June 17, 2020

Before my doctoral program – which required me to narrow down to a specialty (sugar addiction) – I had studied food intolerances.

Many books on the subject start with food reactions, then move into chemicals in our homes and offices, gasoline fumes, and more. Important as those things are, they’re not about nutrition.

My interest in food intolerances has always been their link with addiction.

Recently, I “attended” a webinar by J.J. Virgin, whose first book (I believe) was on food intolerances and how to eliminate those foods to improve health and lose weight. The webinar re-sparked my interest in food intolerance and addiction.

Common triggers for food intolerance include chocolate, corn, soy, wheat (or other gluten-containing foods), peanuts, dairy, eggs, sugars and other sweeteners.

What Does Food Intolerance Look Like?

Signs and symptoms can include headache/migraine, joint pains, fatigue, sleepiness, heart palpitations, depression, irritability, stomach pains, bloating, and many more.

Because digested food moves through the bloodstream, the effects of an intolerance can show up virtually anywhere in the body.

Food reactions might be the same every time the food is eaten, such as a rash.

Or the reactions might vary – say, a non-itchy rash one time and itching with no rash another time.

The reaction might be cumulative. Maybe a small portion of the food causes no reaction, but a portion eaten again that day, or several days in a row, does causes one.

Addiction is another possible reaction that may develop over time.

What Causes Food Intolerances?

The causes are many, but let’s keep it simple.

One cause is a genetic intolerance or a tendency toward it.

We can become intolerant to a food we eat often or in large quantities. Overeating a food uses up enzymes specific to digesting that food, so complete digestion is prevented.

That may result in improperly digested food particles moving through the digestive tract and bloodstream, triggering an immune reaction. The undigested, unabsorbed food provides no nutrients.

We can also become reactive to a food we eat together with another triggering food. So the list of triggering foods may grow, resulting eventually in malnutrition.

Food Reactions May Change Over Time

The guiding principle of the human body is homeostasis.

When a trigger food is first eaten, the body attempts to restore homeostasis by ridding itself of the offending food. It prevents absorption by attaching antibodies to the partially digested food while it’s in the intestine. That might successfully eliminate the food before it can pass into the bloodstream.

If the food does enter the bloodstream, it can trigger inflammation. The acute reaction may be short, and the body may return to homeostasis quickly.

If someone continues to eat a triggering food over time, the body undergoes an adaptation. The immune system may become slower (or less able) to respond. The reaction may now manifest more slowly than the acute reaction. Signs or symptoms may last longer, sometimes hours or days.

How Can That Become a Food Addiction?

The immune response to a triggering food involves a release of stress hormones, opioids, such as endorphins (beta-endorphin), and chemical mediators like serotonin. The combination can produce temporary symptom relief through the analgesic action of endorphin and serotonin, plus mood elevation and a feeling of relaxation.

In that way, eating the triggering food may make someone feel better almost immediately and even think the food is beneficial.

Endorphin release typically involves a concomitant release of dopamine. The combination of those two brain chemicals and serotonin forms what I’ve always called the “addictive package.” 오나홀 Avoiding the food could lead to withdrawal.

After long-term use, someone may eat the triggering food not to experience the pleasure of the chemical “high,” but to relieve the distress and withdrawal without it. It’s almost textbook addiction.

How Does Intolerance/Addiction Affect Health?

As someone addicted to a triggering food continues to eat more of it, the immune system must keep adapting, and may become hyper-sensitized, reacting to more and more foods – especially those eaten together with reaction-triggering foods, or with sugar.

The constant demand on the immune system can lead to immune exhaustion and degenerative reactions, depending on genetic weaknesses. The signs and symptoms listed above are just a start.

Sugar can be a major player in this because it causes inflammation in the body and makes it more susceptible to food reactions. Eating triggering foods plus sugar can make it even more likely that new reactions will occur.

I recall a book by Nancy Appleton, who suggested that eggs might trigger reactions in many people because they’re so frequently eaten at breakfast with orange juice. Cake is another example: sugar plus wheat, eggs, milk.

As the addictions continue, cravings occur, leading to increased consumption. As more and more foods trigger an immune response, the result may be malnutrition, as explained above.

Stats say that rates of food intolerance are rising. My theory is that it’s at least partly due to sugar in our diets – including sneaky sugars that are often viewed as healthful, such as agave, fruit, fruit juice, and sweeteners.

Stopping the Cycle

Definitely give up any foods you suspect may be causing any reactions – even if you love them. Think about foods you eat with those triggering foods on a regular basis, and consider eliminating those, as well. Above all, avoid sugar.